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Shekalim 7: The Half Shekel of Siamese Twins Print

ShekelThe Half Shekel From the Perspective of Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874), the original "Siamese Twins"

"Chang and Eng ... never really needed [showman P.T.] Barnum at all. [They] had been born near Bangkok, Siam, in 1811,

Rabbi Simcha Weinberg| The Foundation Stone™| Torah| Judaism| Hebrew Bible
Shekalim 6: The Throne of God Print E-mail

ShekelThe Midrash Tanchuma teaches us that God showed Moses a coin of fire situated beneath His throne. It appears strange that God did not simply inform Moses of the weight of the coin
Shekalim 5 : Divisions Print E-mail

ShekelThe mystical dimension of the atonement by means of a “half” shekel was to parallel the attempt to divide between what the people had seen – the fire of Sinai – and what they heard
Shekalim 4: The Dichotomy of Being Human Print E-mail

ShekelThe reason the Torah stipulated a Half Shekel when the Torah just as easily could have demanded a whole Shekel was to hint to every intelligent person that he must weigh his actions
Shekalim 3: The Partnership Print E-mail

Shekel“My soul said, ‘God is my portion.’” (Lamentations 3:24) It is natural for something to desire to reconnect to its source. God says in response to the soul, “They desire Me so much
Shekalim 2: The Magical Power of Love Print E-mail

The Sages taught that when one does Teshuva from fear, he could transform his deliberate sins into mistakes, which demand a lower level of forgiveness. However, when one returns to God in love and a desire to be close and repair any damage to the relationship,

Shekalim 1: Rav Shlomo Kluger Print E-mail

ShekalimParent and Child: Rabbi Shlomo Kluger (Kehillat Yaakov; Shekalim 1) explains that when the Holy One, Blessed is He, created a person with a body and soul, He gave them as a gift to


Shabbat Prayer-Mishpatim-Healing Will Quickly Come Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Yahrtzeit-Rav-Leibeleh-Eiger-Shabbat-Prayer-MishpatimThe 22nd of Shevat is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yehuda Aryeh Leib (ben Shlomo) Eiger of Lublin (1816-1888). A grandson of Rav Akiva Eiger, “Reb Leibele” was born in Warsaw. He learned under Rav Yitzchak Meir Alter,
Haftarah-Shekalim-Reading the Text VII-A Limited Vision Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg   

Prophets-Bible-Study-Haftarah-Shekalim“The money brought into the temple was not spent for making silver basins, wick trimmers, sprinkling bowls, trumpets or any other articles of gold or silver for the Temple of God; it was paid to the workers, who used it to repair
Haftarah-Shekalim-Reading the Text VI Print E-mail

Prophets-Bible-Study-Haftarah-Shekalim“Yoash said to the kohanim, ‘Collect all the money that is brought as sacred offerings to the temple of God—the money collected in the census, the money received from personal vows and the money brought voluntarily to
Haftarah-Shekalim-Reading the Text V-The Seeds of Destruction Print E-mail

Prophets-Bible-Study-Haftarah-Shekalim“In the seventh year of Yehu, Yoash became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem forty years. His mother’s name was Zibiah; she was from Beersheba. Yoash did what was right in the eyes of God all the years Yehoiada the kohen
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